Schneider Electric Solar launches a new solar charge controller

Schneider Electric Solar has launched Conext™ MPPT 100, a high-powered solar charge controller ideal for homeowners who wish to achieve maximum self-reliance for their energy needs through the optimisation of solar PV arrays and battery charging. It is a complete solar and storage solution compatible with Schneider Electric’s storage inverters. Thus, it is also useful during blackouts of long durations. If the battery discharges completely at night causing the battery inverter to shut down, this MPPT charge controller will allow the system to recover when solar PV generation begins.

This new product provides 25 per cent more charging power as compared to the company’s MPPT 80 600 charge controller. It allows for large solar PV arrays in residences of up to 7 kW power rating, making it ideal for residential grid-connected self-supply and off-grid systems. Further, it can be scaled up for larger installation requirements. The product reportedly offers faster installation and requires significantly less wiring than low voltage charge controllers, thereby reducing costs. The MPPT 100 allows rapid shutdown compliance, fire safety and arc fault detection as it is compatible with the MPPT Disconnect RS accessory. The product can also be integrated with Schneider Electric’s Insight Energy Management Platform for solar and storage energy management. Users can access their system performance through their local, cloud, and mobile interfaces. They can easily monitor, operate and upgrade their solar and storage installation.


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