Western Railways saves Rs 30 millionby consuming solar power

The Western Railway (WR) has claimed that it has saved Rs 30 million in power payments by using solar power at 75 of its stations. These rooftop solar plants have a power generation capacity of nearly 8.67 MW. The rooftop solar systems have been installed in 22 stations in Mumbai, 34 in Ratlam, 8 in Rajkot, and 6 in Vadodara. The systems have also been installed in Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar divisions. In the Mumbai division, systems have been installed at places like Churchgate, Mumbai Central Terminus, Dadar Terminus, Bandra Terminus, and other stations in Thane and Palghar.

In a bid to achieve the objective of 100 per cent self-sustainability for all power needs, the Indian Railways has recentlyfinished the task of installing solar power plants at 960 stations. The Indian Railways plans to become a net zero carbon emitter by 2030, generating 33 billion units. It plans to do this by installing 20 GW capacity of solar power on its vacant lands which measure up to 51,000 hectares.

Earlier in June 2020, RITES Limited, announced plans to tender 400 MW of solar projects which are to be set up on vacant land owned by the Indian Railways. The project will be developed under the capital expenditure model and should be completed by the developer in a period of 420 days. Moreover, the Railway Energy Management Company Limited, a subsidiary of RITES Limited, announced plans to tender, supervise and manage 3GW of solar projects which are to be set up on vacant railway land. The project will be divided into three phases each having an installed capacity of 1 GW. The 3 GW projects are slated to be completed by 2022-23.


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