SunModo releases elevated racking for roof and ground applications

SunModo has announced its newest solar racking innovation for residential and commercial ground-mounted and elevated rooftop systems. The improved SunTurf line has been introduced after many years of field experience with SunBeam. SunTurf racking can be used in rooftop, ground-mounted, canopy or sleek multi-pole configurations with fewer ground penetrations. The company claims that SunTurf is a versatile next-generation system that saves time and money through configuring, sourcing and installation. The system works on flat roofs where solar panels are elevated above common obstacles, such as pipes, vents and HVAC systems, to maximise system size while allowing the space underneath for maintenance and repairs without disassembling the solar array.

SunTurf features standard leading-edge heights of up to 7 feet on flat roofs, and ground mounts that integrate rails with Schedule 40 steel pipes, which span up to 10 feet. It also comes with innovative swivel pipe caps to accommodate up to 27 per cent slope east-west and 120 per cent slope north-south, and aluminium clamp components with corrosion-resistant hardware. The introduction of SunTurf is part of a determined SunModo initiative to revamp its entire racking product line and make it more affordable in the highly competitive solar industry.


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