Ingeteam launches its new 1,500 Vdc solar string inverter

Ingeteam is finalising the launch of its new INGECON® SUN 160TL solar string inverter, which offers the possibility of achieving a power output of 160 kWAC in a single 75 kg unit. This inverter, which has already been physically showcased at a number of national and international fairs, is now at the production stage. This new three-phase inverter is part of the INGECON® SUN 3Play family and features the 1,500 Vdc technology. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations alike, and is primarily directed at multi-megawatt large-scale solar projects. In addition to its high power density, the inverter’s main feature is its high maximum efficiency of 99.1 per cent. The product comes with Wi-Fi, Ethernet and power line communications, and is complemented by advanced grid support functionalities, with low voltage ride-through and reactive power capability.

A key advantage lies in its significant cost savings potential, as its high power density makes it possible to drastically reduce the number of inverters and, thereby, the total amount of cabling. Furthermore, neither connection boxes are required and nor is a neutral cable necessary, thereby reducing the total AC cabling cost by up to 20 per cent. This inverter also offers lower operating costs owing to the Wi-Fi communication, making it possible to remotely monitor and control the installation. Its string inverter philosophy guarantees minimum potential maintenance requirements. The new Ingeteam inverter is supplied in two different versions (STD and PRO) to adapt to customer needs and the technical requirements of as many projects as possible.


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