LONGi Solar releases two new series of high-power modules

LONGi Solar has released two new series of modules, Hi-MO4 and REAL BLACK. As per LONGi, the Hi-MO4 has all the advantages of the previous series of Hi-MO modules and has been further enhanced with advanced monocrystalline PERC cell and the encapsulation technology of half-cell and bifacial construction. Compared to the Hi-MO3 half-cell bifacial module released in 2018, the Hi-MO4 retains the Hi-MO3 characteristics of excellent bifacial power generation, achieving 8-20 per cent gain in back power generation in various ground-surface environments. It, moreover, has high reliability and low attenuation.

The Hi-MO4 deploys upgraded PERC technology based on 6 busbars, with cell efficiency reaching 22.5 per cent, as claimed by the company. While the front-side power from the Hi-MO3 is 380 W (72 cells), the Hi-MO4 increases this to more than 420 W, going up to 430 W. When compared to the Hi-MO3, the balance of systems cost can be reduced by approximately 7 per cent while deploying the Hi-MO4. This is said to reduce the levellised energy cost by 1.4 per cent, which can be lowered further with tracking systems. Released along with the Hi-MO4 is an all-new, all-black series module called REAL BLACK. The product has been designed to achieve improved aesthetics, high power and high reliability. The product has basically been developed for rooftop solar applications as with its all-black appearance and consistent colour, the REAL BLACK maximises the aesthetics of rooftop solar plants.


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