Arctech Solar launches 120-module 2P solar tracker

Arctech Solar has launched its latest tracking system, SkySmart-2. This is a single-axis 2P (two modules in portrait) tracking system with multiple fans that can drive up to 120 solar modules. SkySmart-2 has an innovative structural design, which the company claims can help provide better stability for solar PV plants in extreme weather conditions, especially during periods of strong winds. The product is a good match for bifacial modules as it ensures there is no covering on the back of the bifacial modules, thus maximising their performance. The tracking system, according to the company, is compatible with all commercially available PV modules.

The system comes with only one motor and controller, and all worm gears are linked by a mechanical synchronising shaft. This can reduce installation and O&M costs. It is compatible with 1,500 V four-string systems and has an integrated AI controller. The product is equipped with LoRa Wireless, an advanced communication technology. Thus, it has lower power consumption and a larger coverage range (8 km) to keep the signal stable under various climate conditions. SkySmart-2 is believed to be a robust and cost-effective tracking solution for solar PV plants.