Greenlight Planet launches a new solar-powered fan

Greenlight Planet is an organisation that designs, distributes and finances solar home energy products. The company’s latest product is a portable solar-powered fan that uses a 20 W solar panel. The Sun King Fan, as the fan is called, is designed to meet the basic cooling needs of underelectrified households around the world. It has 14 inch blades, which aim to provide a powerful airflow with three fan speed modes. Its intuitive interface allows the user to select from three speed modes: turbo, normal and low power.

It features a built-in battery that charges directly from a 20 W solar panel. A single sunny day’s charge can sustain the fan for 18 continuous hours. It features a solar charging meter and a programmable timer to run the fan. The Sun King Fan has a brushless motor and the company claims this generates less noise, and provides a longer lifespan than those fans that have brushed motors. Thus, a brushless motor can extend the average life of a fan of its size by an additional three years. Its features like the timer function, three speed modes and portability make it a convenient cooling option for houses in the off-grid regions of the world. The product has been certified by the International Finance Corporation’s Lighting Global programme. It is competitively priced and comes with a warranty of two years. The product is available through the company’s extensive retail distribution network, as well as  the financial institution partners.


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