Okaya Power launches all-in-one solar power generation system

Okaya Power has launched an all-in-one solar PV system for the Indian market through its new comprehensive solar power generation system (SPGS) range. This SPGS solution consists of a combination of solar PV panels, solar inverters and charge controllers and solar batteries. The solution is available in different ratings so as to meet various grid-connected and off-grid applications. The product range meets all statutory and certification compliances.

The solar PV modules used in the SPGS have features that protect against potential induced degradation. They are designed for low-light performance and have anti-reflective coating glass. The solar panels come with a radio frequency identification tag and undergo rigorous quality control. The SPGS includes a solar uninterruptible power source, which has been designed to ensure greater benefits from solar energy so as to minimise consumers’ electricity bills. It also includes a solar management unit based on pulse-width modulation technology, which ensures faster charging, more battery life and improved solar system performance.


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