Greensmith Energy releases enhanced energy management platform

Greensmith Energy, a Wärtsilä company, has announced the release of its latest generation software platform, called Greensmith Energy Management System, Version 6 (GEMS 6). This advanced energy management software is suitable for grid-scale deployments, and can be integrated with a multitude of thermal and renewable generation assets as well as load and weather forecasting data. This energy management platform aims to enable both utility and power producers to integrate and optimise all their energy resources. It uses software-based intelligence and machine learning to enhance grid systems and networks, and is ideal for grid operators looking for a single platform to control all assets.

GEMS 6 can be used to integrate the broadest array of generation assets including solar, wind, hydro, energy storage and thermal. The software platform is component-neutral for maximum flexibility, depending on the application needs of each project. It can process more than 100,000 points of data per second in default mode and uses data analytics for optimising the operations of the energy system. The software is designed to operate autonomously and automatically, according to specific grid or system conditions. It can act and function based on machine learning or a rule-based engine, as per the specifications of the operator.


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