Bosnia’s HE Dabar invites bids for 160 MW hydropower plant

Bosnian hydropower company HE Dabar has invited bids for the construction and financing of its 160 MW hydropower plant in southeastern Bosnia at an estimated cost of $213 million. The Dabar power plant, located on the Trebisnjica River will be part of a planned 250 MW hydropower complex, Gornji Horizonti, which is designed to also incorporate two smaller hydropower plants, Nevesinje and Bileca. The Dabar plant will produce 252 GWh of electricity a year. According to the tender, potential partners should finance at least 85 per cent of the project’s value, while the investment would be paid out in electricity or cash. The remainder of the amount will be financed by HE Dabar. The plant will be fully owned by HE Dabar, which will start repaying debt 15 years after the plant has been built. The deadline for the plant’s completion is four years.


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