RfS bids invited for procurement of 200 MW of bagasse-based cogeneration power in Maharashtra

The Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) has invited Request for Selection bids for procurement of power from 200 MW of bagasse-based cogeneration projects.

According to the tender guidelines, the minimum installed capacity of the plant must be 5 MW and minimum exportable bid capacity must be 3 MW. All the commissioned projects which are not tied up with any other beneficiaries will be allowed to participate and supply the power as specified in the power purchase agreement (PPA). However, the projects which are under construction or projects which are not yet commissioned will be considered based on the condition that the capacity is not tied up with any other beneficiaries and the plant will be commissioned within one year of the date of signing of PPA.

MSEDCL will sign a PPA with the solar power developers for a period of 20 years for fulfilment of its non-solar renewable purchase obligation target. The project holder should complete the work of evacuation infrastructure up to nearest substation of either Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Company Limited or MSEDCL at its own cost


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