HAREDA issues open access guidelines for ground mounted and rooftop solar projects

HAREDA has issued guidelines for ground-mounted and rooftop solar projects used for open access sale of power or captive consumption. According to the guidelines, wheeling charges, cross-subsidy charges, transmission and distribution charges and additional surcharges are exempted for all open access customers for a period of 10 years from the date of notification of the guidelines. The guidelines also state that solar projects, which can be installed at any location in the state, should be connected to stations with a minimum capacity of 11 kV. Ground-mounted solar projects, with a minimum and maximum capacity of 1 MW and 100 MW respectively, are eligible for open access. However, the minimum capacity is 250 kW if the project is located in a solar park. The minimum and maximum capacity for captive consumption or third-party sale from rooftop solar projects is 250 kW and 1 MW respectively.