Ingeteam launches a new platform to monitor PV plants and self-consumption systems

Ingeteam has developed a new monitoring platform for solar PV plants of all sizes as well as captive systems. The INGECON SUN Monitor platform makes it possible to monitor even solar PV captive systems being used in domestic as well as industrial segments. The monitoring platform can work with or without batteries. The INGECON SUN Monitor application presents real-time data for energy generation, consumption and energy storage (if applicable) to customers, which can be viewed on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. This product is especially beneficial for residences that already have Ingeteam self-consumption systems with batteries. They can use this monitoring system to achieve average monthly self-consumption ratios of more than 99 per cent.

The INGECON SUN Monitor application can also be used to monitor large-scale PV plants. In this case, the monitoring platform can provide all real-time as well as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly solar energy generation data, and view the gains obtained from this energy production. The application is designed to provide remote information in case of an alarm or failure at the plant so that the customer can monitor the status of the alarm at the plant. The entire plant monitoring-related information is compiled in a report that is emailed to the customer on a daily basis.


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