TerraSmart introduces utility-scale solar ground-mounted system

The latest addition to TerraSmart’s racking portfolio is the TF3L. Like its predecessors, the TF3 Landscape Racking System maximises the construction efficiency on large utility-scale solar plants. It reduces the overall site cost and optimises the panel capacity as more panels can be accommodated per foundation through this product. This system has six rows with eight columns and a tilt angle of 35 degrees, which helps in accommodating more panels on the rack. TerraSmart’s versatile ground screw foundation makes it easier to work in any soil condition, leading to greater time and cost efficiency.

The TF3 Landscape racking system offers an additional benefit in the form of no extra parts or pieces due to an integrated wire management, which results in a 40 per cent reduction in plant installation time. Since this product is much lighter than its predecessors, it is easier to handle for site technicians. This also helps in reducing the time required for installing a solar project. It comes with a Smart Bracket that helps in reducing installation time and minimises civil work on steep slopes.

The TF3 Landscape Racking System is designed to meet the most rigorous international standards and complies with the NEC, is UL 2703 Edition 1 certified and is CPP wind tunnel tested. It can withstand high wind speeds of up to 150 mph and heavy weights of up to 60 pounds per square foot. TerraSmart provides a 20-year warranty on the product, ensuring reliability over the entire life cycle of a solar PV project.


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