MNRE asks SECI to set Rs 2.5 per kWh as the upper tariff ceiling for solar auctions

The MNRE has directed SECI to set the maximum permissible solar tariff at Rs 2.50 per kWh without safeguard duty and at Rs 2.68 per kWh including safeguard duty. Reportedly, the MNRE reviewed NTPC’s recently held 2 GW auction in which tariffs between Rs 2.59 and Rs 2.60 per kWh were discovered, inclusive of the safeguard duty, and came up with the upper tariff ceiling. The MNRE has also asked SECI to set the future solar bids in lot sizes of 1,200 MW for increasing competition amongst developers and narrowing the gap between all bids. SECI will set 50 MW as the minimum bid size but there will be no upper cap on the maximum bid size.


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