Lalit Jain

Chief Executive Officer (International Solar and Wind) and Group Chief Commercial Officer, Hindustan Powerprojects

Lalit Jain is the chief executive officer (international solar and wind) as well as group chief commercial officer of Hindustan Powerprojects. His expertise lies in handling strategic, commercial, regulatory and financial issues in the energy industry.

Jain is a graduate in mechanical and production engineering, and has a master’s in finance. His experience in the energy sector spans over 17 years. His business acumen and understanding of the renewable energy sector have ensured that the international solar arm of Hindustan Powerprojects achieves significant milestones. Under his leadership, the company’s solar business has seen high growth and profitability. Hindustan Powerprojects has executed over 240 MWp of solar projects and has a pipeline of 200 MWp across the US, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Prior to joining Hindustan Powerprojects, Jain was instrumental in setting up 140 MW of wind capacity for NSL Renewables. He also has experience in managing the construction of three hydro plants of 150 MW in Himachal Pradesh. In addition, he has served as head, strategic planning for the Asia Group in El Paso, and as director on the board of several power generation companies. He has also been responsible for mergers and acquisitions worth over $7.5 billion.

Jain follows a participative style of management, wherein the entire team analyses problems, develops strategies and implements solutions. He invites his colleagues to contribute in setting goals, determining work schedules, etc.

Jain stresses on the importance of maintaining a work-life balance by prioritising day-to-day work and proactive leave planning. This is especially important given that he works with an international team that has different vacation schedules. Planning leave on a rotational basis is, therefore, important. It helps the team meet targets while getting enough personal time. “We also offer flexible timings at work. The Japanese team begins its day at 8 a.m. while the European team begins its work at 11 a.m. This works best for internal coordination,” he says.

On the Indian renewable energy sector, Jain says that the scope of wind energy is large, especially offshore wind, which has a PLF of 50-60 per cent. Data analytics along with advanced forecasting can help analyse and predict wind generation and minimise its variation and intermittency.

Currently, he is focused on growing Hindustan Powerprojects’ business in India, Europe and Southeast Asia, and is looking to expand to new markets in South and Central Asia.




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