Nine companies submit technical bids in response to SECI’s 1,200 MW wind tender

A total of nine companies have submitted the technical bids for development of the 1,200 MW ISTS-connected wind power capacity tendered by SECI in August 2018, under its Tranche V. These include ReNew Wind Power Private Lim      ited (300 MW), SITAC RE Private Limited (300 MW), Alfanar (300 MW), Mytrah Energy Limited (300 MW), Adani group (300 MW), Continuum Wind Energy Private Limited (200 MW), Hero Future Energies Private Limited (200 MW), Torrent Wind Power (115 MW) and Ecoren Energy (175 MW). The tender has been oversubscribed by an aggregate capacity of 2,190 MW.

Developer Bid capacity (MW)
ReNew Wind Power 300
Alfanar 300
Mytrah Energy 300
Adani group 300
Continuum Wind Energy 200
Hero Future Energies 200
Torrent Wind Power 115
Ecoren Energy 175
Total 2,190

The projects will be developed on BOO-basis and the successful bidders will enter into 25-year PPAs with SECI. The scope of work includes setting up of the wind power projects as well as the transmission network up to the delivery point.

Due to unavailability of adequate transmission connectivity, and thus low developer interest, SECI had cancelled its 2 GW Tranche-V ISTS-connected wind tender for which bids had been invited in May 2018. Later, SECI had modified its 2.5 GW wind tender under Tranche-VI, and had then retendered 1.2 GW of capacity under Tranche-V.


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