Gujarat government announces Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Policy, 2018

The Gujarat government has announced the Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Policy, 2018. As per the policy, developers can set up wind power plants on land that is currently in use for solar power generation. Similarly, a solar power project can be set up on the land being used for wind farms. The existing transmission lines can be utilised for the proposed renewable energy projects. These projects are classified into two categories, A and B. Type A projects include existing or under-construction solar or wind projects, which can be converted into hybrid projects by developers. Type B projects include new wind-solar hybrid projects that have not yet been registered with the Gujarat Energy Development Agency. Type B developers will have to set up dedicated lines for power evacuation up to the receiving end station of the Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation at their own cost. The electricity generated from such hybrid wind and solar units will be exempted from power duty. The new policy also has a provision for 50 per cent electricity duty exemption for the sale of power to a third party. For hybrid captive plants, it provides total exemption from cross-subsidy surcharge and additional surcharge, and 50 per cent relief in wheeling charges and distribution losses. The benefits and rebates will be applicable for a period of 25 years or the life cycle of the project.


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