SECI invites RfS bids for 3,000 MW ISTS-connected solar power projects

SECI invited Request for Selection (RfS) bids for implementation of the 3,000 MW ISTS-connected solar power projects anywhere in India. This is a global tender and the scope of work includes the design, supply, construction, procurement, installation, testing, and commissioning of the project, on a BOO basis.

The upper tariff ceiling has been fixed at Rs 2.93 per kWh and SECI will enter into a power purchase agreement for a period of 25 years with successful bidders.

According to the tender document, the projects will be designed for inter-connection with transmission network of central transmission utility (CTU) at voltage levels of 132 kV or above. In addition, each project can be developed with a minimum capacity of 50 MW, with the project capacity remaining in multiples of 10 MW. Moreover, a single bidder can bid for a maximum capacity of 1,800 MW.

Any excess generation over and above 10 per cent of declared annual capacity utilisation factor (CUF) will be purchased by SECI at a fixed rate equal to 75 per cent of the PPA tariff, provided SECI can get a buyer for sale of such excess generation. However, the developer will have to notify SECI at least 60 days in advance of such excess generation. The last date of bid submission is August 17, 2018.


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