Gujarat tenders 125 MW of rooftop solar PV projects

GEDA has rolled out an empanelment tender for the development of 125 MW of rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) projects to be developed on residential, institutional, and social sector buildings in the state.

The projects will be developed on a turnkey basis and GEDA has prescribed the following categories under which the bidders can bid:

Category of bidder Average annual turnover in past three years (Rs million) Rooftop solar capacity installed in past two years (kW) Project capacities eligible for bidding (kW) Maximum capacity allowed per bidder (kW)
A 33 700 1-6; >6 =<10; >10 <=50; >51 2,000
B 16.5 350 1-6; >6 =<10; >10 <=50; >51 1,000
C 6.6 140 1-6; >6 =<10 400
D 0 0 1-6 only 150

The scope of work includes the identification of beneficiary in the residential, institutional and social sector, survey of the site for its feasibility considering the shadow free space, sanctioned load of the beneficiary, design, supply of equipment, commissioning of the projects, etc. The successful bidders also provide maintenance services for five years after project commissioning.


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