Hanergy launches new thin-film solar roofing tile

China-based Hanergy has introduced a new generation of its flagship building product Hantile that is lighter, thinner and more flexible. It also delivers superior performance. The new Hantile combines Hanergy’s flexible thin-film solar panels with high-transmittance glass to create an innovative product capable of high-efficiency power generation. Hantile makes ultra-low-energy and net-zero energy buildings possible, reducing or ending their dependence on traditional energy sources.

The new Hantile features a single rather than double layer of glass, with each tile weighing 5.2 kg. Combined with its C-type slot structure, Hantile’s light weight greatly improves ease of installation. The ultra-white tempered glass features a transmittance level of 91.5 per cent, and possesses extreme durability and ability to withstand heavy impacts. The single glass Hantile is also highly wind resistant and has the ability to generate power at temperatures ranging from -40 oC to 85 oC, and humidity higher than 85 per cent. The new Hantile has a life cycle of up to 30 years.


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