SECI amends RfS guidelines for its 2 GW wind Tranche IV tender

SECI has amended the guidelines for request for selection (RfS) to develop 2 GW of interstate transmission system-connected wind power projects under Tranche IV. As per the amended guidelines developers that delay project commissioning will be penalised. If the commissioning is delayed by over six months, the quoted tariff will be reduced by Re 0.15 per kWh per day. In addition, the power generated from these projects will contribute towards the non-solar renewable purchase obligation (RPO) requirements of the discom. SECI has also allowed the formation of special purpose vehicles for the development of these projects. While the original RfS had no provision of a trading margin, in case of early or part-commissioning, the discom will purchase the generated wind power at 75 per cent of the tariff along with a trading margin of Re 0.07 per kWh until the achievement of full commissioning or the scheduled commissioning date.