Delhi releases its draft energy conservation building code to promote solar rooftop

The Delhi government has released its draft Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC), 2018. The draft ECBC aims to create minimum requirements for energy efficient design and construction of commercial buildings in the city. The code would apply to all commercial buildings having a minimum connected load of 100 kW or a minimum contract demand of 120 kVA. As per the ECBC, a dedicated renewable energy generation zone should be provided in every building, equivalent to at least 25 per cent of the roof area. In cases where such a dedicated zone cannot be set up, the roofs need to be either cool roofs or vegetated roofs. While the installation of electrical vehicle (EV) charging equipment in 2 per cent of all the parking spaces of the building would be mandatory, minimum one EV charging station would be compulsory for every project. Buildings intended only for private residential purposes do not fall under the purview of the code.


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