CERC issues generic tariffs for select renewable energy sources in 2018-19

The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has issued levellised generic tariffs for power generation through a set of renewable energy sources during financial year 2018-19. These tariffs are applicable to small-hydro projects, biomass projects, non-fossil fuel-based cogeneration projects, biomass gasifiers and biogas-based projects. Solar PV, solar thermal, wind (onshore and offshore), municipal solid waste/refuse-derived fuel and other emerging renewable energy technologies are excluded from these tariffs. To arrive at the final tariffs, the CERC has considered the useful life of small-hydro projects as 35 years, while the useful life of biomass projects, non-fossil fuel-based cogeneration, biomass gasifiers and biogas-based projects is considered as 20 years each.


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