BERC issues draft regulations for open access

The Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission has issued draft regulations pertaining to intra-state open access for 2018. The new regulations have been announced to ensure clarity on the previous open access regulations (2006). Power generating projects, captive projects, and consumers with a capacity of 1 MW and above will be eligible for intra-state open access upon the payment of the charges. According to the proposed regulations, all consumers with a load equal to or greater than 10 MW and any project with a capacity of 10 MW and above will be eligible to obtain intra-state transmission system connectivity, while projects with capacities less than 10 MW will be eligible to obtain distribution system connectivity. The regulations exempt solar and wind energy projects from the payment of transmission charges for open access. The discoms will receive first preference during the allotment of open access capacity, followed by long-term (seven years), medium-term (five years) and short-term open access applicants.