Himanshu Pandit

CEO & Business Head, Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics

Quality is the first priority for Hitachi. We strive to make our products as per global standards,” says Himanshu Pandit.

Pandit has been at the helm of affairs at Hi-Rel Electronics since 1995 and has been serving as COO for more than a decade. Hi-Rel, which became a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi in October 2015, is a key player in the solar inverter segment, which contributes to around 40 per cent of the company’s total revenues. During 2016-17, the company’s inverter installations stood at 1 GW. “The target for 2017-18 is 1.5 GW,” says Pandit. “However, Hitachi never believes in short-term targets. We always carry a long-term vision.”

According to Pandit, the Indian solar segment is witnessing a mild slowdown owing to several domestic and global factors. “There is a sense of confusion in the market. The price of Chinese modules is increasing while tariffs are falling,” he notes. Going forward, the rooftop solar segment will prove to be a game changer. “The rooftop solar segment is likely to witness the emergence of easily installable and maintainable products at competitive price points due to increased government support. Even small households will install rooftop solar systems. Electric cars will also come with solar systems in the future.” Hitachi Hi-Rel, too, is planning to foray into the rooftop solar space soon.

Pandit is an alumnus of St Xavier’s College, Ranchi, and has a degree in electronics and communications engineering from BIT Sindri. He started his career with a PSU where he worked for around 13 years. The transition from the government to the private sector was not difficult, he says. “It all depends on the mindset. If you want to work, it does not matter whether you are working in a government or a private enterprise. That said, I have enjoyed greater freedom and had more opportunities in this company.”

On his management style, Pandit says, “It is very important to build relations with your subordinates. One needs to trust team members, delegate power to them, monitor them depending on their level, groom them and get the work done.” According to him, an effective management style also helps in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. “If people are confused about their priorities, they will always find the job stressful. Work must be delegated as per the company’s organisational structure. Also, it is very important to be passionate about your work in order to achieve higher productivity.”


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