Hartek Singh

Chairman & MD, Hartek Group

Hartek Singh, founder chairman and managing director of the Hartek Group, ventured into the power business by joining an electrical trading company in 1991, four years after starting his career as a power equipment sales executive. He embarked on his entrepreneurial journey after receiving a product dealership of MEI Limited, a manufacturer of switchgear based in Bengaluru. He gradually transformed the company into a leading electrical trading house with a one-stop solution for all high-tension equipment needs of power and related industries. Singh is also chairman of the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, Power and the Renewable Energy Committee for the northern region.

A commerce graduate from Delhi University, Singh demonstrated a sharp business acumen by building on the collaborative model of doing business through licence agreements with global industry giants. The initiative led to the setting up of Hartek India, an alliance partner of Schneider Electric in manufacturing medium voltage switchboard panels and control relay panels, in 2012. The Hartek Group is now a diversified conglomerate with business interests across the power sector value chain, operating through five strategic business units — power systems, rooftop solar, power distribution products, fuel services and value-added services.

He believes that the biggest advantage of solar energy is that it can be produced at the point of consumption. “When it comes to solar power, you have to either use it or lose it,” he says. “There are only two ways to prevent this loss. You can feed the excess power into the grid (net metering) or store it (battery storage). While battery storage is a costly proposition, net metering provides a compelling reason to electricity consumers to opt for solar power.” With net metering, consumers have the option of using the solar power produced by them as and when needed. This banking facility offers a huge advantage to the rooftop solar segment, he notes. Consumers can maximise the size of their solar installations to produce more during the summer, feed excess electricity into the grid and draw it back on cloudy days.

Singh has always viewed challenges as learning opportunities, a philosophy that has helped him carve a niche for himself in the power industry. Known for timely execution of projects, transparency and ethics, he has enabled the company to retain a loyal and prestigious clientele through a people-centric approach rather than a profit-driven one. A proponent of sustainable energy, he plans to foray into the rooftop solar space and become a market leader in providing smart grid power solutions.


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