Arctech Solar’s cumulative installed capacity reaches 10 GW


China-based Arctech Solar’s cumulative installed capacity has reached 10 GW globally. The company’s sales have been driven largely by the Indian and Chinese markets with equipment shipments worth 800 MW and over 2 GW respectively. The accomplishment of this milestone can be attributed to Arctech Solar’s accumulated experience of many years in the field of mounting structures, as well as its world-leading redundancy tracking system technology.

Guy Rong, president of Arctech Solar’s international business, commented, “By means of the gradually optimised global supply chain and service system, 9 GW peak production capacity and unique technology of redundancy tracking systems, we have successfully helped our customers establish almost 600 photovoltaic (PV) plants in 10 countries over the past eight years, and our cumulative installed capacity has reached 10 GW.”

The company is in the process of launching the “Arctracker PRO”, which uses the redundancy technology in global markets, and will localise the design and details according to the specific requirements of regional markets.

Arctech Solar is a manufacturer and solution provider of solar tracking and racking systems. In the past eight years, the company has set up subsidiaries and service centres in many markets such as America, Japan, India and Europe.


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