GERC issues draft regulations with focus on large-scale grid integration of solar and wind for 2017

The Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission (GERC) has released the draft regulations for forecasting and scheduling for wind and solar projects. According to the draft regulations, forecasting and scheduling will be mandatory for all the wind and solar developers including those whose projects are connected to the grid through pooling stations. Error will be calculated based on the available capacity, with permissible deviation of ±12 per cent for old wind projects and ±8 per cent for new wind projects, commissioned after January 2010. Permissible deviation for solar projects will be ±7 per cent. Penalty rates stated in the draft rules are different from those in the model forum of  regulations. For wind, the initial penalty will be Re 0.35 per unit, increasing to Re 0.70 and Rs 1.05 per unit in higher penalty bands. For solar, the initial penalty is proposed to be Re 0.60 per unit, increasing to Rs 1.20 and Rs 1.80 per unit in higher penalty bands.