REC trading increases significantly in December 2016

REC trading witnessed positive results in December 2016 with respect to non-solar REC clearance, with the non-solar REC cleared volume increasing by 160,000. The cleared volume of solar RECs, however, declined marginally by 9,000 certificates. The total value of all REC transactions stood at Rs 744 million in December 2016 as compared to Rs 536 million in November 2016. In the non-solar category, the clearing ratio stood at 3.19 per cent and 2.81 per cent at the Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) and Power Exchange India Limited (PXIL) respectively, with a significant increase of 61 per cent in the number of RECs traded over the previous month. In the solar category, the clearing ratio stood at 0.85 per cent and 0.53 per cent at the IEX and PXIL respectively, with a decline of 23 per cent in the total RECs traded.