Tuljabhavani Temple Trust floats consultancy bids for 250 MW solar project

Tuljabhavani Temple Trust has issued a request for proposals (RfPs) to appoint consultants for technical services and to install at least 250 MW solar project. The project will be located in Tuljapur district of Maharashtra. The project will be set up on a 1,000-acre land near Tuljapur-Solapur road.

According to the tender guidelines, the scope of work under the project includes performing a site evaluation for land sites, considering diverse factors like solar radiation, return on investment, project’s capacity determination, assesing existing infrastructure such as road access, water supply, and additional bay availability, and evaluating the overall features of the land, including its topography and soil type. Additionally, the consultant must recognise the optimal transmission line route, tackle potential right of way concerns, estimate the installation capacity, and perform water tests in nearby areas. The consultant is also required to examine nearby structures to obtain initial information about soil types and foundation techniques. In this stage, the consultant is anticipated to coordinate a collaborative visit with the temple trust team.

The bidders are required to furnish Rs 100,000 as an earnest money deposit. The work must be completed in six months’ timeframe. The bid submission deadline is November 28, 2023. Additionally, to be eligible, the bidders must have seven years’ experience in consultancy work.