Sofar unveils its new series of microinverters

Sofar has launched its new microinverters series, PowerNano, designed for rooftop PV systems and balcony solar array applications. The series comprises three micro­inverters, offering power ratings ranging fr­om 500 VA to 2,400 VA. The smallest microinverter, weighing 2.2 kg and measuring 145 mm x 165 mm x 42 mm, boasts a maximum output current of 2.3 A and an output power of up to 550 VA. The mid-sized product, weighing 4.2 kg and measuring 195 mm x 210 mm x 42 mm, delivers a power rating of up to 600 VA, 800 VA, and 1,100 VA, with an output current va­rying between 2.6 A and 4.5 A. The largest microinverter, weighing 5.5 kg and measuring 295 mm x 210 mm x 42 mm, offers power ratings of 1,760 VA, 2,200 VA, and 2,640 VA, with an output current varying from 6.7 A to 10.9 A. Each mo­del in the series accommodates in­put voltages of up to 58 V, efficiency ratings of 97.5 per cent, and power point tracking efficiencies of up to 99.5 per cent. Additionally, all modules provide IP67 protection. As per the sta­tement, when combined with battery sto­rage, Power­Nano provides consistent backup po­wer in case of power outages, which may result in significant economic loss, enhancing the self-use rate while reducing electricity bills.