IFGE – Biomass Global Associates Forum’s International Conference on Biomass Densification: August 9, 2023, New Maharashtra Sadan, KG Marg, New Delhi

IFGE – Biomass Global Associates Forum is organizing an International Conference on Biomass Densification : Leading Towards Sustainable Energy Solutions supported by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of IndiaShri Bhagawanth Khuba, Hon’ble Minister of State for New and Renewable Energy & Chemicals and Fertilizers, Government of India, kindly consented to inaugurate the conference. The Conference is scheduled to be held on August 9, 2023, at New Maharashtra Sadan, KG Marg, New Delhi.

The objective of this Conference is to apprise the industry regarding the initiatives taken by the Government of India for the development of the Biomass Industry and to identify the areas where policy modifications are required to further provide impetus to the industry.

 Indian Federation of Green Energy (IFGE) is an umbrella organization that represents the interests of the national renewable energy sector in its totality including bio-energy, solar, wind, mini hydel, tidal, geothermal etc. IFGE is a partnership of committed groups of visionaries and stakeholders from diverse industries, businesses, and services for creating a sustainable energy ecosystem and mitigating challenges and concerns. IFGE focuses on the area of Green Energy with the mission of promoting energy security in a sustainable manner in every sector of economic development through outreach activities like organizing workshops, conferences & policy advocacy initiatives.

IFGE: Biomass Global Associates Forum (BGAF) is working under the guidance of Shri Subodh Kumar, Chairperson, of Biomass Global Associates Forum & Former Executive Director, of Indian Oil Corporation Limited, and Col. Rohit Dev, Co-chairperson, of Biomass Global Associates Forum.

The demand for biomass pellets and briquettes in India has increased due to their eco-friendliness and affordability compared to fossil fuels. Biomass pellets and briquettes can be used as a primary source of energy or as a supplement to other fuels such as coal, diesel, and gasoline. The Government of India has been promoting the use of biomass pellets and briquettes and providing subsidies and incentives to manufacturers, traders, and users.

The sessions planned in the conference are mentioned below:

Inaugural Session 

Session 1Towards Robust Policy Ecosystem for Biomass Use in India  

Session 2: Opportunity & Challenges in Reliable Supply Chain Management

–    Feedstock Collection

–    Warehousing

–    Distribution

–    Opportunities for Farmers

­Session 3: Business Opportunities in Biomass Sector in India

–  Emerging Market for Biomass: Pellets & Briquettes

–  Incentives & Financing available in India

 –  Technological Advancements including R&D

–  Skill Development & Employment Scenario

 Dignitaries Addressing the Conference:

  • Shri Pradip Kumar Das, Chairman and Managing Director, Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited (IREDA)
  • Shri Dinesh Jagdale, Joint Secretary, Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Government of India
  • Shri Sudip Nag, Mission Director SAMARTH & Executive Director Biomass, NTPC Limited
  • Dr. Sangita Kasture, Scientist `F’, Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India
  • Shri Y.B Ramakrishna, Chairperson- IFGE CBG Producer Forum, Former Chairman- Working Group on Biofuel, MoPNG
  • Shri Ashish Kumar, Vice Chairman- IFGE: CBG Producer Forum & Managing Director – Verbio India
  • Shri Dhiraj Kumar Srivastava, Chief Engineer (TE & TD), Central Electricity Authority (CEA)
  • Ms. Preeti Jain, Global Director (Policy, Chemicals & Carbon Solutions), LanzaTech Private Ltd
  • Shri Aman Kwatra, Members- BGAF & Director, 3E Bioedhan Sustainable Solutions Private Limited
  • Shri Atul Mulay, President – Bio Energy, Praj Industries Limited
  • Shri Subodh Kumar, Chairperson, IFGE: Biomass Global Associates Forum
  • Col. Rohit Dev, Co-Chairperson, IFGE: Biomass Global Associates Forum
  • Lt. Col. Sandeep Singh, Head Biofuel Operations, DCM Shriram
  • Shri Ankur Mittal, Group Manager & Programme Leader- Energy Management, National Council for Cement and Building Materials
  • Shri Harvir Singh, Editor in Chief, RuralVoice
  • Shri Snehinder Sharma, Director, Pusav Belers
  • Shri Sanjay Ganjoo, Director General, Indian Federation of Green Energy
  • Shri Sanjay Jain, Business Head, Livgreen Cleantech Pvt. Ltd
  • Shri Yash Karan Singh, Business Development Executive, Keith Walking Floor India
  • Shri Dhruvil Goradia, Managing Director, NJ Renewable Energy Private Limited
  • Dr. Tapas Kumar Patra, Scientist C, Sardar Swaran Singh National Institute of Bio Energy (SSS NIBE)
  • Shri Hrishikesh Joshi, Head – Business and Applications Development, Thermax Onsite Energy Solutions
  • Shri Amrit Khater, Director, Hi Tech Agro Energy Pvt. Ltd.
  • Shri Rajeev Ratan Srivastava, DGM (ABU & GSS), State Bank of India
  • Dr. Praveen Dhamija, Advisor, Skill Councils for Green Jobs
  • Shri Anant Bansal, Members- BGAF & Director, 3E Bioedhan Sustainable Solutions Private Limited

The Tentative Agenda, Brochure, Flyer is linked below for reference.

Tentative Agenda



For any assistance, please contact Ms. Anamika Ghosh, Manager, M:8826130681, E: anamika.ifge@gmail.com