Torrent Power collaborates with Siemens to launch EV charging stations

Torrent Power Limited (TPL) and Siemens have collaborated to set up electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. While the first set of four EV charging stations were installed in Ahmedabad, two more are scheduled to be set up soon in Surat. In addition, it is planning to cover more cities in near future. It has already installed DC fast chargers of 60 kW capacity at three locations across Ahmedabad (Naranpura, Drive-In-Road, and Prahladnagar).

Two vehicles can be charged simultaneously at the stations. Additionally, these EV batteries can be charged up to 80 per cent by the chargers within an hour. Furthermore, a station at Raipur has an AC charger of 22 kW capacity which takes roughly four hours to fully charge an EV battery. The stations also offer charging services at one of the lowest prices in the city which is Rs 12 per unit. The company has also announced an additional discount of 20 per cent on the first charge for a limited period. The stations have cloud-based billing systems, remote monitoring, and smart metres that provide a smooth user experience and payment alternatives.

Recently, in July 2023, Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) issued a request for proposals (RFP) to set up 20 EV charging stations across various locations in the city. According to the tender guidelines, the scope of the work under the project includes location survey, planning, designing, engineering, supply, testing, inspection, packing, transportation, delivery to the project site, unloading, handling and storage, erection, and commissioning of the charging equipment. It also includes any other work required for effective commissioning of the project. The successful bidder will be responsible for the operations and maintenance of the charging stations for a period of three years. The bid submission deadline is August 14, 2023.

In May 2023, Suzlon Group had received an order for its new 3 MW series wind turbines to establish a 300 MW wind power project for Torrent Power Limited. According to the notification, Suzlon will deploy 100 wind turbine generators with 3 MW rated capacity and a hybrid lattice tubular tower.