Guilherme Mendonca: Head, Energy, Siemens Limited

Guilherme Mendonca has nearly three decades of experience spanning acro­ss geographies and covering diverse areas including telecommunications, consulting, infrastructure and energy. He is currently head, energy, Siemens Limited.

According to Mendonca, India has made significant progress towards decarbonisation and achieving its long-term carbon footprint target. “Over the past few years, India has seen the onset of a new era with massive adoption and integration of renewables in the grid and rising demand for power. Technology im­ple­men­tation to improve energy efficiency, grid expansion and stabilisation, and digitalisation have also increased. On the industry side, we see custo­mers requiring comprehensive solutions for the decarbonisation of their processes and operations through electrification and implementation of clean energy sources such as green hydrogen,” notes Mendonca.

Technology, he believes, can help fast-track India’s de­carbo­nisation plans. “India is a huge and key market for the energy business of Sieme­ns in India due to the strong dom­e­s­tic dema­nd, decarbonisation policies and investme­nts, and dynamic economy. We re­cog­ni­se the need for urgent action on climate ch­ange and believe that innovative tech­n­­o­logies are the key to combating it.” Ho­w­­­ever, only technology will not solve the problem; there is a need for all stakeholders to join forces to imp­r­o­ve the imple­me­ntation process at the p­a­­­­­ce that is needed to fight climate change. Mendo­nca envisages a very promising outlook for the power sector. The sector was al­rea­dy growing at a good momentum led by global energy transition and decarbo­nisation initiatives. He belie­ves that energy security and climate ch­an­ge will boost the dema­nd for re­ne­wables, grid ex­pansion and st­abili­sation, clean fuels su­ch as gr­e­­en hy­drogen, and decar­bo­nisa­ti­on of the in­d­ustry.

Mendonca takes pride in each one of his assignments and is keenly looking forward to engaging with customers in India. He feels that effective leadership derives from an op­en, diverse and inclusive environment. He believes that a healthy work-life balance is a prerequisite for good health. He likes to spend time with his family and to engage in sports activities such as jogg­ing, tennis and golf. Talking about his pe­r­sonal goals, he says he wants to experie­nce India – an exciting and fascinating co­untry.

Mendonca has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from INATEL-Brazil and an MBA from the IBMEC Bu­siness School, Sao Paulo, Brazil.