GE to supply equipment for solar power plant in Turkey

GE has secured a contract from Ecogreen Energy to deliver FLEXINVERTER Solar Power Station technology to the 100 MW Nigde Bor solar power plant in Turkey. The FLEXINVERTER solar power plant will be designed, engineered, procured, and commissioned by GE. The FLEXINVERTER solution comes in a single 20-ft-high cube container and includes a solar converter, a medium voltage (MV) power transformer, and an optional MV ring main unit.

The Nigde Bor solar power plant will be constructed under the YEKA GES-4 tender, which was launched by the Turkish Ministry of Energy in 2022. It will aid in the growth of solar energy production in the country, which is anticipated to nearly double to reach 52.9 GW of capability by 2035. As part of the procurement and services agreement, GE will collaborate with Inogen. The planning, procurement, and commissioning requirements will be met by Inogen, who will also be responsible for carrying out the local works. Inogen and GE have previously collaborated in Turkey, where they have finished 1.3 GW of YEKA and hybrid initiatives.

In February 2023, GE Renewable Energy secured a contract from a German renewable energy firm wpd to supply onshore wind turbines for three wind farms in Germany. The company will deliver 16 turbines for the wind power facilities, with each turbine having 5.5 MW of capacity. The Bankewitz, Müssingen and Flinten wind farms are planned to be built at Landkreis Uelzen and will have a total installed capacity of 88 MW. Bankewitz and Müssingen are expected to be commissioned and operational by the end of this year, while Flinten is due to come online in the first quarter of 2024.