Jasmeet Khurana: Project Lead, Moving Emerging Markets, India and Indonesia, World Economic Forum

In 2011, while working as a computer engineer, Jasmeet Khurana saw the potential of a multi-decade energy transition trend with solar power. Thus, he started his own consulting firm, Headway Solar. He quickly learnt everything about the then nascent sector, brushed up his financial modelling skills and started offering consulting services to domestic and international investors willing to invest in this sector in India. Thereafter, he joined BRIDGE TO INDIA and continued his consulting journey. In 2018, he identified electrification of mobility as another key trend that he wanted to be a part of. At that time, only about 0.3 per cent of the vehicle sales in India were electric, mostly lead-acid-based scooters. He then went on to join the World Business Council for Sustainable Development where he established the REmobility initiative to enhance private sector collaboration and provide policy recommendations.

At the World Economic Forum, Khurana’s efforts are focused on accelerating the adoption and manufacturing of electric vehicles (EVs) in India. His team has built a Moving India Network of over 40 business leaders and policymakers, who work together to advance India’s EV ambition. He helped in establishing task forces focused on policies for advancing EV and battery manufacturing, financing electric two-wheeler fleets, building India’s first zero emission road freight corridors and advancing automotive circularity, especially for batteries. His team has also established a Moving Indonesia Network that takes his work beyond India into other emerging markets.

The most important skill that his role requires for enhancing public-private cooperation is to build consensus, often despite competing priorities. He follows three key principles to achieve this. First, optimism. Second, building a story, as people res­po­nd best when things are explained as a predictable storyline. Third, understanding the topic deeply and arming up with facts and trends.

As a new father, Khurana’s first priority is to spend time with his five-month-old son. Apart from that, he loves to consume knowledge and conduct analysis on any topic. He loves to read, watch videos and listen to podcasts. Of late, he has been busy identifying India’s urbanisation patterns and infrastructure build-out. As an energy transition professional, he wants to see the world on the other side of a successful global energy transition. He hopes to continue finding exciting avenues within the existing and emerging trends of energy transition to keep contributing to this agenda.