Hitachi Energy establishes factory for HVDC advanced power systems

Hitachi Energy has commenced a new factory to manufacture high-voltage direct current (HVDC) and power quality products in Chennai. The newly established factory will be responsible for manufacturing advanced power electronics for HVDC light. The factory will help to cater to the increasing number of high-voltage transmission projects in India and will also assist in exporting to support global HVDC installations.

HVDC transmission has been a game changer in connecting remote renewable generation points to the national grid that allows large amounts of electricity to be transmitted with significantly lower transmission losses and physical footprint. Hitachi Energy has completed more than half of India’s HVDC links, including the north-east Agra link.

In January 2023, Equinor and Polenergia awarded Hitachi Energy two contracts for their MFW Baltyk II and MFW Baltyk III offshore wind farms in Poland. The two wind projects, which are situated in the Polish region of the Baltic Sea, will receive AC grid connection and power quality solutions from the company. The aggregate capacity of these two wind farms is more than 1.4 GW.