Stantec and Grey chosen for US solar facility design-build services

Grey, a global builder in the manufacturing industry, and Stantec, a global provider of design services, have been chosen to provide construction, architecture, and various other services for QCells’s new $2.5 billion solar manufacturing facility in Georgia, US. Additionally, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, and civil engineering as well as environmental, water, and wastewater services will be offered by the design-build team of Grey and Stantec. Qcells is a division of Seoul-based photovoltaic (PV) manufacturer Hanwha Solutions. It anticipates increasing its ability to produce solar modules in the US from 1.7 GW in 2022 to 8.4 GW by 2024.

Qcells plans to appoint 2,500 people in the new Georgia facility. The new factory will accommodate the complete solar panel manufacturing process, including ingot production, wafer processing, cell processing, and module production. Qcells will break ground on the facility in Bartow County, Georgia, in the first quarter of 2023, with production slated to commence in late 2024.

Earlier this month, Acciona Energía agreed to purchase the Cunningham battery energy storage system project in Texas from Qcells. No financial details have been disclosed. The Cunningham facility, which is 55 miles from Dallas, is expected to come online in 2023 and would be the largest operating battery energy storage project in Texas.