LiTime unveils lithium-ion battery for residential use

LiTime has de­veloped a new lithium iron ph­o­­sphate (LiFePO4) battery storage sy­s­tem for residential rooftop photovoltaics (PV) projects. The 12V 100Ah smart battery is an all-in-one LiFePO4 battery specifically designed for off-grid applications such as trolling motors, recreational vehicles and residential solar energy st­o­­rage. In addition to having a high energy de­nsity, the battery reportedly performs better than its contemporaries with respect to charging and discharging. The system has 100 Ah of capacity and a nominal voltage of 12.8 V. Its dimensions are 274 x 206.5 x 205 mm. It comes with a five-year warranty period and is said to be capable of operating for over 4,000 cycles. Its low-temperature cut-off charging capability also provides the battery with additional protection against freezing temperatures, enhancing its lifespan while enabling users to force charge for emergency use. The device is equipped with one-touch control battery technology, which provides an interactive, app-free and simple-to-use one-touch button with capabilities for turning on and off, activating sleep mode, and low-temperature force charging.