Solis continues to show its commitment to energy transformation in Dubai

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, January 18th –  Solis displayed its most powerful inverters at World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi from January 16th-18th. The World Future Energy Summit is the leading international event accelerating sustainability and the global transition to clean energy. Solis’s booth grabbed many eyeballs at the largest solar energy event in the Middle East.

Solis’s new energy storage inverter, the S6-EH1P (3-6)K-L, was the center of the buzz and a major reason for all the excitement surrounding the booth. This inverter is flexible with an intelligent design and exhibits outstanding performance. It features integrated 2 MPPTS, which are perfect for residential rooftop installations that have multiple array orientations. It is compatible with battery models from multiple brands, thus giving customers the flexibility to choose from different options. You can control and upgrade the S6 inverter via the SolisCloud App. This reduces site visits as the control lies in your hands! What’s the best thing? It supports pure off-grid applications with generator communication support and multiple working modes to meet different use case scenarios.

There is a lot of potential for solar in the UAE. In the UAE, the annual installed solar PV capacity is expected to reach 3GW by 2023. Out of this, 2.2GW will be from the rooftop sector with the vast majority concentrated in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The majority of the UAE’s solar power generation will come from Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Global Data indicates that Abu Dhabi’s PV capacity will reach 5.6GW by 2026. The country has set a goal to get more than half of its electricity from renewable sources (mainly solar energy) by 2030. Also, the country’s government launched the state incentive scheme SRP (Solar Rooftop Plan) in 2018 to encourage rooftop solar PV. This plan is expected to generate 500 MW of solar PV from rooftops, but only 2.3 MW has been installed so far.

Idrish Khan, Solis’s Chief Technology Officer in SEA and EMEA, said in his speech, “Solis fully understands that enterprises should shoulder the responsibility of accelerating the global zero-carbon process. We are committed to helping Abu Dhabi achieve its “2030 Carbon Neutrality Goal” by focusing on quality products, continuous innovations, and the best after-sales services. At Solis, we will strive to fulfill the mission of making clean energy the world’s main energy source through technology.”

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