Future of Green Hydrogen Value Chains: Report

This report “The Future of Green Hydrogen Value Chains: Geopolitical and Market Implications in the Industrial Sector” studies the role countries could play in future green hydrogen industrial markets, focusing on three key applications: ammonia, methanol, and steel production. Today, these sectors are among the largest consumers of hydrogen, accounting for about 41% of global demand, and are expected to increase their shares due to global decarbonization efforts.

Analyzing a country’s potential positioning in these markets is key to helping policymakers define strategic industrial policies. To elucidate the impact of the transition to a low-carbon economy on energy value chains, the report proposes an analytical framework to cluster countries into five groups based on the variables of resource endowment, existing industrial production, and economic relatedness.

Access the report by Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School here