Zendure introduces plug-and-play solid-state battery

Zendure has anno­unc­ed a new plug-and-play residential storage system, the SuperBase V syst­em. The storage syst­em has satellite semi-solid-state batteries for household backup power, mobile living and por­ta­ble electric vehicle ch­ar­ging applications. Including its real whe­e­ls, the SuperBase V 6400 (SBV) is 73 cm x 34.6 cm x 44.2 cm and weighs 59 kg. The semi-solid-state satellite ba­tte­ry B6400 weighs 46 kg, and has dimensions of 69 cm x 28.5 cm x 27.4 cm. The battery pack, according to the ma­nufacturers, has 42 per cent more energy than lithium-iron-phosphate batteries. With the addition of up to four batte­ry modules, the storage capacity of one SBV device can be increased to 32 kWh. Up to 64 kWh of capacity can be ob­tain­ed by chai­ning together two SBV units. The energy storage system has a 3,000 cycle life and can function in temperatures between -20 °Celsius and 45 °Celsius.

The company is launching versions of the system with distinct inputs and outputs for the US and European markets. The US version can produce a maxim­um of 3,800 W at 240 V and 1,800 W at 120 V. The European version can produce up to 1,725 W at 115 V and 3,680 W at 230 V. Both variants provide inputs for cars, electric vehicles and solar po­wer up to 3,000 W and can be charged at up to 6,600 W.


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