MSEDCL floats bids to procure renewable power with energy storage facility

The Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company (MSEDCL) has invited bids for a long-term contract to purchase 250 MW of flexible and schedulable power from grid-connected renewable energy projects with an energy storage facility. The tender contains the facility of a greenshoe option. According to the tender guidelines, bidders must pay an earnest money deposit of Rs 885,000/MW and must provide a performance bank guarantee of Rs 3.54 million/MW within 30 days of the letter of award.

The projects chosen through this request for proposal will be eligible for two-part tariffs. These will be known as non-solar generation hours tariff and solar generation hours tariff. The energy generated by solar panels will be eligible for a tariff payment of Rs 2.42 per kWh. During non-solar generation hours, energy will be purchased at a tariff determined by an e-reverse auction. The applicable tariff under the power purchase agreement (PPA) will include tariffs for both solar and non-solar generation hours. It will be set for the duration of the PPA. The minimum capacity to be quoted will be 50 MW, with a maximum bid capacity of 250 MW.

If the discovered tariff is found to be economically viable for MSEDCL then it may exercise the greenshoe option and allocate additional capacity of up to 250 MW to the successful bidder. Only commercially established and operational technologies can be used to reduce technological risk and achieve project commissioning on time. The energy generation and storage components of the project may be multi-located and inject power through multiple interconnection points. The bid submission deadline is September 12, 2022.


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