Guidebook for Residential Solar in India

“Rooftop Solar for Every Home in India: Guidebook to Organise Local Solarise Campaigns” has been published by the Council on Energy, Environment and Water and authored by Akash Som Gupta, Ananya Dhanuka, Bhawna Tyagi, and Neeraj Kuldeep.

This interactive guidebook builds on the experience of organising and delivering the Solarise Delhi campaigns. It presents a simple to understand yet comprehensive how-to guide that can help local actors design and organise their own Solarise campaigns. Community-based campaigns like Solarise Delhi are highly effective at motivating consumers to adopt rooftop solar.

Key highlights

  • The guidebook presents ways to build a community of rooftop solar users by leveraging trust and peer-to-peer influence.
  • It provides a systematic framework for organising Solarise campaigns by guiding in planning, designing, managing, and executing your campaign.
  • It also helps troubleshoot common issues and ensure consumer motivation is converted into action.
  • The guidebook gives pro-tips distilled from the experiences of the Solarise Delhi team to help provide nuanced insights into successful campaign design and execution.

Download the study here


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