Cadeler secures contract for Hornsea 3 foundations

Ørsted has given a contract to engineering firm Cadeler to install turbine foundations at the Hornsea III offshore wind farm. Cadeler will utilise its F-Class vessel for the first time to place these foundations after Ørsted makes its final investment decision for the 2.8 GW wind farm. The next generation of XL turbine foundations may be transported and installed using the F-Class vessel.

Additionally, both parties have agreed to extend the vessel hire contract into a transportation and installation contract, including the entire foundation scope. The Hornsea I, II, and III offshore wind farms jointly have a capacity of more than 5 GW and are part of Ørsted’s Hornsea zone. Hornsea III, located 160 km from the Yorkshire coast, will be able to power 3.2 million UK households. The wind farm project’s offshore installation is anticipated to start in 2026. Cadeler had previously been involved in the creation of the Hornsea II project.

In July 2022, Ørsted agreed to acquire Ostwind, which includes a 100 per cent equity stake in OSTWIND Erneuerbare Energien, OSTWINDpark Rotmainquelle, OSTWIND International, and OSTWIND Engineering. Ostwind develops, owns, and operates onshore wind and solar projects in Germany and France. With the financial obligations of the projects and companies included, the agreement provides Ostwind with an enterprise valuation of €689 million.


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