NLC India is seeking bids for 500 MW of ISTS-connected solar projects

NLC India is seeking bids to establish 500 MW of interstate transmission system (ISTS)-connected solar power projects across the country. The deadline for bid submissions is August 24, 2022. The successful bidder will be responsible for the project’s operations and maintenance for three years.

The scope of work includes obtaining approval for connectivity and long-term access, procuring land, designing, engineering, site development, manufacturing, inspection at supplier’s works, supply, insurance, transport, erection, and inspection of the total awarded capacity as well as the affiliated evacuation framework up to the delivery point at the ISTS/CTU substation.

Only ‘Class-I local suppliers’ are eligible to bid on this contract. The project must be completed within 15 months of receiving the award letter. For every 100 MW, bidders must submit Rs 109.406 million as a bid security. Bidders should appoint a design consultant who has provided consultancy services for developing solar power projects of 30 MW or greater capacity in a single location in the last seven years.The projects are being bid on in the “open” category, which allows the use of solar cells and modules from any source.


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