RW Roundtable: EV Charging Networks and Interoperability

The electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure deployment is gaining traction in India and multiple charge point operators (CPOs) are now setting up their facilities across the country. This brings to light a need for standardisation to ensure a seamless experience for EV drivers and to allow various CPOs to work together. Interoperability helps make this possible through roaming where EV users can use a single application or platform to access charging stations of different CPOs. While it ensures convenience for EV users, it improves business viability for CPOs through increased demand.

With this backdrop, Renewable Watch is organising a webinar to provide an understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the EV charging operability and roaming space.

We hope that the webinar will provide a platform for a useful exchange of information and ideas on the strategies that can be adopted by CPOs and service providers to ensure streamlined development in the EV charging network space. The webinar is targeted at utilities, EVSE providers, charging point operators, vehicle OEMs, battery manufacturers, consultancies and research organisations, financial institutions, and other experts.

The list of confirmed speakers includes:

  • Sumit Ahuja, Founder and Director, Electreefi
  • Dinesh Chandra, Chief Technology Officer, Elocity
  • Sahana L, Junior Energy Advisor, NDC TIA – India Component, GIZ
  • Avinash Sharma, CEO, ElectricPe


The panel will discuss questions such as:

  • What are the different features of the various EV network management platforms available in the Indian market today?
  • What is the need for interoperability in the Indian EV charging space? What benefits does it hold for EV users and CPOs?
  • What are the different standards and communication protocols in use today for roaming agreements?
  • What are the policy and regulatory instrument required to promote interoperability in the EV charging space?


The webinar is being organised by Renewable Watch magazine, which covers the entire spectrum of clean energy – wind, solar, bioenergy, green hydrogen, storage, small-hydro, EV charging and other emerging technologies. It aims to provide accurate information to track investments and projects, showcase innovations and technologies, and offer a platform for debate and discussion on policy, regulation and financing.

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