Renewable Energy Procurement Perceptions Among C&I Consumers in India: Paper by WRI

A recent paper by World Resources Institute titled “Renewable Energy Procurement Perceptions among Commercial and Industrial Consumers: Current Practices and Future Possibilities” discusses about the challenges faced by commercial and industrial consumers (C&I) in adoption of renewable energy. Due to competitive prices of renewable energy, there are tendencies by the C&I players to shift from the grid and have their own sources of generation.

To avoid this shift, the utilities are planning to offer new solutions and this paper also discusses about the possibilities of adoption of such solutions among the consumers. This study was conducted to understand the awareness and perceptions of green tariffs (GTs). It was observed that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are willing to pay a premium to avoid the hassles of negotiating contracts and overcome restrictions under existing procurement methods. Overall awareness of GTs and their adoption is low. Discoms must take a few steps—such as creating awareness campaigns and designing better GT models—to make these tariffs more attractive to C&I consumers.

Download the paper here