MPUVNL floats a tender for 11 MW grid-connected and off-grid rooftop solar systems

The Madhya Pradesh Urja Vikas Nigam Limited (MPUVNL) has issued a request for proposal for the standardisation of rates and selection of contractors to design, engineer, supply, install, test, and commission grid-connected rooftop solar systems with or without energy storage, as well as off-grid rooftop solar systems with energy storage, totalling about 11 MW in Madhya Pradesh. The projects can be grid-connected with a net metering facility or grid-connected systems for consumption within the premises with no power export. The selected contractors will also be responsible for the operation and maintenance (O&M) of the project for five years from the date of commissioning. The bid submission deadline is May 13, 2022. 

As per the tender guidelines, to be eligible for the bidding process, the selected contractors must provide a construction-performance bank guarantee of value equivalent to 5 per cent of a work order value within 15 days from the letter of intent. The contractors must also provide an operational performance bank guarantee of 15 per cent of the discovered project cost within seven days from the date of completion. The bidders must have experience in design, engineering, supply, installation, testing, and commissioning, as well as comprehensive O&M for various sizes of projects under different categories for multiple projects in the last three years.

In November 2021, MPUVNL issued a request for proposals from developers to install and commission 18 MW of grid-connected rooftop solar projects at various locations across the state using the renewable energy service company model. The projects will be set up under two categories: grid-connected net-metered systems and grid-connected systems for consumption within premises with no export of power.


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